Used 1.5kVA Generator

Used 1.5kVA Generator

By the term used 1.5kVA generator means that we are using a second-hand generator for used to supply power in emergency situations. Generators are useful in commercial as well as in industrial areas. Used 1.5kVA generator is also useful and beneficial for our use because they have a low cost for buying and also their working is almost similar.

A second-hand diesel generator provides less fuel consumption to generate less noise as well as provides fewer fumes. 

A generator is source of the backup power supply. Generator converts fuel energy into electric energy. Thus, a generator basically belongs to the internal combustion engines.

Its name is linked to the used fuel. According to the sizing and level of its tank fuel, the use of the produced power may be assumed to be accessible anywhere at any time.

Features of 1.5kVA generator 

  • The Genset is used to provide clean, reliable & efficient power.
  • The generator calls for the lowest preservation cost
  • It is so clean to start the generator
  • The Genset has a sturdy design.
  • Great in designed & heavy metal canopy permit to lessen the sound of generators
  • Due to the compact design of these generators, you could without difficulty deploy it in any location.
  • Greater gasoline-efficient & provide immoderate paintings-performance.
  • Provide clean & efficient electricity for all job programs or strength needs.
  • Easy to perform the Genset this makes them more popular
  • Very lightweight
  • Superior performance
  • Mostly petrol Fuel or kerosene gasoline is used to generate power.

We all want electricity for our home and work area. Used  1.5 KVA Generators are the exquisite choice for Power backup with low fees and various functions. The main cause is that its miles some distance cheaper and it’s miles terrific to discover tactics to save cash when beginning your first commercial corporation.

Different Models of 2nd hand generator

Here we are defining some Brands of second-hand generators that can be beneficial for the users depend on their product specifications.

Diesel used generator

Power 1- 10kVA
Voltage Power220-240V
Fuel TypesDiesel
PhaseSingle and three-phase
Surface finishingColor coated
ApplicationAgriculture, Residential, Industrial

Eicher used Portable generator

Power 1 to 10KVA
Brand NameEicher
Voltage Output230 V
Fuel TypeDiesel
Frequency50 Hz
Fuel Tank Capacity65 – 320L
PhaseSingle, Three Phase

Koel Three-phase used Generator

Cooling system typeWater cooling system
Fuel Diesel
Warranty Period2 years Warranty
Brand NameKoel
Phase3 phases
Ambient Temperature0 to 55 degree C
Speed1500 RPM
Maximum Power O/P4.5KVA
Rated Current Capacity47A

Hence, from the above specifications’ knowledge, users can easily buy the 1.5kVA used generators for their future use if they are not able to purchase at a high rate.

Reasons to buy 1.5kVA Second-hand DG Set

Lots of reasons are applicable to buy 2nd hand generator for power backups at any job location without any interruption. It is mainly useful for industrial, constructions, and home appliances.

Second-hand portable generator for sale is that low cost in the market on the basis of requirements of users for a limited time. We use it almost for small events where we can require the new generator. Some key features are  very important in 1.5KVA used generators which are as below:

  • Compact and portable
  • Low maintenance
  • High fuel efficiency 

The above features should also be built-in used 1.5kVA generator. Due to all features, they can be popular in the market with various brands. Every brand sells out the second-hand Gensets in the market for its portability, small in size, etc. 

The most effective real downside of purchasing a used generator is true that it was owned and used with the resource of a person else. Therefore, you most likely have to move on the phrase of the vendor as to the preceding usage, history, and modern scenario the generator and engine are in. This is why it’s important you constantly bear in mind shopping from a reputable agency that has the technical expertise and infrastructure to properly check, repair, and/or rebuild these huge industrial machines.


At the end of the conclusion, we notice that second-hand generators are also popular for power supply. They can also be work for power supply at needy places for a span of time. Mainly the generators provide Easy and dependable energy at any job location with worst weather conditions.

Second-hand 1.5kVA generator is popular for their durability as well as for their Fuel efficiency of energy with a lot of uses. Easy operation, integrated protection functions, and splendid build brilliant make those DG sets the ideal walking associates for creative professionals.

 And also it is very popular for its affordable price in the market. As also famous for low-cost maintenance.

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