Here’s why your Kid should read Stories

Here’s why your Kid should read Stories

Habits develop through simple steps. Reading Stories is considered to be one of the most growth-oriented habits. Avid readers’ minds are much more thoughtful than the ones who are not. They tend to be more open to absorbing knowledge. They have reduced stress levels and have improved critical thinking. But we can’t expect kids in their formative years of education to be huge fans of novels, articles, newspapers, etc. Then how can we cultivate the habit of reading in children? 

The answer is quite simple. Start small. Try to inculcate in your child the habit of reading stories. Stories for kids are truly magical. They let the reader enter a whole new world where it entirely depends on the kid how he/she imagines the characters to be. This enhances imagination and creativity in children. 

Stories offer us a chance to escape into an altogether different world with new characters. We learn about them, their thoughts, joys, worries, feelings, etc. We get to know ourselves better through stories. How?

When we read a story, understand its characters and the plot, we ponder over everything and we create our own perception whether we felt good or bad about the things happening in the tale. We build our conscience through the tales. And that is one of the purposes of the storytelling. To impart the understanding of morals and values in the readers. 

Benefits of Reading Stories

There are several reasons which make stories so evergreen and beneficial for kids.  Let us have a look at a few of them:

Develop Linguistic Skills

Reading builds linguistic skills as the reader comes across new words, learns their pronunciation, understands how to build sentences in an artistic way. So, reading, writing and speaking skills get better.

Stimulate the Brain

As per the studies, reading enhances the functioning of the brain. It makes the brain more active and curious. 

Develop a Habit of Reading

The habit of reading is one of the best habits one can develop. This gives a better comprehension of the surroundings and the people. 

Trigger Curiosity and Creativity

Stories trigger curiosity and creativity in its readers as the readers just have the words in front of them. It is up to them to be creative enough to build the world that the story narrates. 

Enhance Imagination

Reading tales improves imagination. A sound imagination skill is one of the prerequisites of being a thorough reader. 

Instil Conscience in Kids

One of the most famous sets of stories for children is the Panchatantra tales. These tales are concise and familiarize kids with wit, honesty, kindness, etc.  The moral stories for children have been a part of the storytelling since ages. That is the reason why stories are included in the textbooks too. 

Stories have been crucial since the conception of human existence. From the early men’s age to this day, there would have been billions and billions of stories that would have been shared from generation to generation. No matter what culture or tradition we belong to, there are stories that our grandmas heard from their grandmas, and the cycle of sharing continues. These tales have been passed on from communities to families to individuals across the world. 

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