How To Effectively Use Personalised Coffee Mugs

How To Effectively Use Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalised coffee mugs are very innovative and a great way of letting people know you care for them. These mugs are available in different shapes, colours and patterns of design. Receiving such mugs is quite fashionable today and every home has at least one of these, if not more! Therefore, if you have quite a few such personalised gift UK it is imperative that they are put to use. You cannot drink coffee or tea in all of them by rotation because that would be difficult to manage. But then, you will not want to waste them at the back of the cupboard.

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Here are some innovative ways in which you can use your personalised mugs other than drinking coffee.

  • You can always place a small indoor plant in it. Put some soil and pebbles to place a money plant or bamboo or even a jade plant. This will enhance the beauty of the plant and allow you to keep in anywhere in the house as a decorative piece. As it is, placing indoor plants is a great way of improving the quality of air inside the house. It also helps in removing carbon dioxide from inside the house.
  • Sometimes, you can also buy mugs or small vases from personalised gifts the online UK if you find an interesting piece. These can be used as pots for artificial cactus. Just place some coloured pebbles and an artificial piece of cactus. You can also use a stone that looks like a cactus for the purpose. Alternatively, you can paint a piece of rock and use a white marker to make the thorns. This can add colour to the house without actually being thorny.
  • Mugs also make a great cutlery or pen stand. You can place it on your table or the kitchen. These are pieces of memory which you can place just about anywhere in the house and feel great. You can feel the presence of your family and friends with the help of these mugs.
  • Everybody loves cakes. If the cake can be baked in your favourite cup? Then, it will taste even better. Making a cake is very easy. Just add some flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, sugar, milk and eggs (optional). Place it in the cup and inside the oven for a couple of minutes. Enjoy steaming cup of cake in your favourite cup bought from personalised gifts the online UK.
  • Another great usage of your coffee mug is making a piggy bank out of it. You can always have some loose change in your pocket which gets lost in the drawers or pockets. Why not put them in the coffee mug piggy bank? Just make a cover for the piggy mug bank with the help of cardboard. Make a slit on top for sliding in the coins. Now, store all your loose change in this mug and don’t lose it.

Enjoy the innovative ways of making coffee mugs useful and decorate your home.

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