Top 5 Questions Custom Soap Box Packaging Companies Ask at Client Briefing

Top 5 Questions Custom Soap Box Packaging Companies Ask at Client Briefing

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Creating custom soap box packaging that stands out is extremely important to achieving success in a highly competitive niche. And good design can only be created when a manufacturer and the packaging company work together on the project. Asking useful questions from the manufacturer or seller will not only help the packaging company better understand the product but also empower them to simplify the work and create a winning packaging solution. 

To give you a head-start, here are some questions that will aid you to create the best custom soap boxes.

Q1: What are the Key Features of your  Product?

The best way to start working on a concept or design is by asking the clients what are the key features of their product. When the manufacturer explains this in detail, it will give companies a broader vision and a better understanding of the product and brand. Thus, allowing them to design a custom soap box that is more suitable for the soaps and promptly highlights its features.

Q2: What’s your Unique Selling Proposition?  

Typically, when a packaging company raises this question, manufacturers retorts with a long list of features. At this point, they usually interject them and ask to describe the most important feature of all or that one thing which segregates their product from the immediate competition. The basic idea is to determine why customers would purchase their product. Once they figure this out, the USP of the product is printed on the packaging, so it can efficiently communicate the USP to potential customers.

Q3: Who are your Direct Competitors?

Once they manage to determine the main features of your product and gather all the available information, the packaging firm studies your competition to figure out how rival brands have positioned their products in the market. Consequently, this enables them to segregate your custom soap box packaging from direct competitors and make it more attention-grabbing by taking the right measures.

You can make a soap brand stand out by using some unusual colors. Take dairy brands, for instance. The industry frequently uses white, green, and blue hues in their packaging because they exude the sense of freshness. Why not alter this unwritten rule and embrace some less used and unique colors that potential customers find more attractive.

Q4: What’s the Selling Price of your Soap?  

Packaging companies ask this question to define a budget that you can spend on your custom soapboxes. Unfortunately, there are no set rules to determine the cost of the packaging. However, in general, the higher the cost of a product, the higher you can allocate to carve the custom soap box packaging to effectively market and improve the perceived value.

For example, if your client is a salt vendor, it will require only a few pennies to develop their packaging because the choice of packaging materials will also be limited. In contrast, if the client is selling a premium anti-aging cream and targeting particularly demanding customers, the budget of the packaging will definitely be more than that of the salt packages. Why? It needs you to use quality packaging materials and premium finishing to make your product more alluring.

Q5: Will you go with Primary Packaging or Secondary Packaging?

It is utmost important for packaging companies to ask their clients if they are looking for primary packaging or secondary packaging. If the client opts for the primary container, then they must comply with the regulations. For example, the packaging material, ink, and glue should be suitable for contact with soap. In the case of secondary packaging, packaging companies like The Legacy Printing highlight an additional feature that tempts customers to check out your soap and give it a try. This possible feature could be the scent of your soap.

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